Our Engagement

Happy Valentine’s Day Love Birds & Readers! Today is a pretty special anniversary for me personally; it marks the anniversary of the day that I said “YES!” to my husband Tim so I wanted to share our engagement story with you all!

Three years ago, today – February 14, 2013.

We were never the couple to think Valentine’s Day was a big deal – yes we would go for dinner and buy one another a card but that’s usually where it ended. Knowing how we had always treated Valentine’s Day, I was surprised when Tim asked me to skip my Pilates class in order to come home because he wanted to make dinner. I even complained to my mom who, knowing his plan, urged me to be nice and go home.

When I walked into the house, I was treated with the cutest picnic set-up in the middle of our living room. Knowing I was on a “no carb” kick (silly, right?!?!) at the time, he had made a (mostly) diet-friendly display of snacks and wine arranged with such care that I knew had taken him some time. As you can imagine, I was already pretty sappy by this point so I tried snuggling up to Tim but he pulled away saying that he was feeling quite hot and couldn’t be close right now. I remember thinking this was odd but given that the fireplace was on I didn’t give it much more thought after that.

Once we were done eating Tim asked me to open the gift bag that was waiting on our kitchen island.  The bag contained another little package that was full of puzzle pieces, which Tim helped me rip open causing the pieces to fly all over the floor and kitchen. After picking the pieces up, I began to put the puzzle together recognizing that it was a photo of us from a previous photo shoot.

After I finished assembling the puzzle, I noticed that there were two corner pieces missing so I turned around to look for them while Tim pretended to do the same (turns out he helped me rip the bag on purpose making it look like the pieces may still be on the floor and that we had missed them while picking up). He handed me one piece, which fit into the first gap… I looked down thinking it was the photographer’s watermark but instead saw that it read “Sandra, will you”. After reading this, I remember feeling this incredible heat wave come over me, anticipating what would come next and there it was; the final piece said “marry me”!!!

Once I took my hands away from my face (I was ugly-crying at this point), Tim was on his knee saying “I could not think of another better place to ask you to marry me than in this home that we’ve built together. Will you marry me?” I don’t recall all the other words that came out of his mouth that day, but that beautiful sentence stood out.

We are a couple that loves to travel and given our indifference to Valentine’s Day, he said that he knew that I would never have expected an at-home Valentine’s Day proposal. To some it may seem cheesy, but to me it was PERFECT!

Oh and his unwillingness to cuddle during dinner …. He had the puzzle pieces and ring in his pocket and was nervous I would feel them.

These puzzle pieces soon became the inspiration behind a lot of our wedding details. From the invitations to the guest book, cake topper and even the groomsmen’s socks, we found cute and tasteful ways to incorporate this special part of our story into our wedding day.

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~ Sandra