A Daddy's Love


Of all the shoots, our June project is hands-down my favourite. It is a shoot that made me laugh and excited, tear up and feel surreal.

With June being Father’s Day month, we wanted to put a different spin on our usual tablescapes inspired by weddings and, instead, focus on the love a daddy has for his daughter while still showcasing a beautiful set-up for inspiration.

Since becoming parents to our amazing daughter, Ariana, my husband Tim and I have a whole new appreciation for what it must mean for a daddy to give his daughter away on her wedding day. Seeing this little human blossom so immensely in just the short time since she’s joined this world, leaves us in awe every single day and more connected than we ever imagined we could be. Envisioning us 20+ years from now giving her away to the person of her dreams as she grows up and makes her own path in life is pretty overwhelming.

Knowing that years fly by, I enlisted by husband and daughter to model for this shoot and capture the special bond these two have so early in her life.

Not only is this shoot special because it is my family but, to me, it also represents all of those couples whose weddings I help plan and see getting married, and all of those tears as daddy, mommy, or both walk their daughter down the aisle for one last look at their “little girl” before she makes that leap and starts her own family.

Cozied up in an airy tent surrounded by St. Albert greenery and gorgeous pillows, this Daddy-Daughter duo made my heart melt and grow three times the size all at once! Ariana was sleepy, the sun bothered her sensitive baby blues and she was slightly confused as to why she couldn’t have the donut, yet being the calm soul she is, did not make one peep of protest while her daddy adoringly and proudly showed her off to the camera.

Combined with touches of purple and mint, white draping nestled into a tree framing a playful polka dotted seating area created the perfect space; and who can resist a pop of red particularly in the form of donuts!?

PS: How gorgeous would seating areas like this be for an outdoor cocktail hour or reception?!? 

See you for July's throwback to another special day in my life.


- Sandra


Photography: Kyra Jasman Photography

Rentals: Special Event Rentals