Inside Our Space - This is Where We Plan Your Wedding

It’s been two years since we moved into our space and we thought it was FINALLY time to share a little bit of it! Thanks to our friend Radelle from Eternal Reflections we have some beautiful images of our home away from home.

Edmonton Wedding Planner Office - Sandra Bettina Weddings & Events

When I had my first daughter and decided not to return to my full-time corporate job, I naively thought “I’ll continue to plan weddings from home”. So I did, I planned from a home office and met clients at coffee shops and restaurants. While I enjoyed all the coffee and delicious food, it didn’t take long for me to realize that something wasn’t working. I was spending countless hours trying to coordinate a place to meet, hauling my computer around and driving all over Edmonton; I did this all while balancing new motherhood and life. Realizing these were all hours I could have been using to plan weddings, hang out with my family and work on improving my business, on the hunt for an office space I went.

I knew I needed to be close to home in St.Albert and while I had a vision of what I wanted, I was open to exploring lots of options. I quickly ran into two issues:

  1. If the office was the right size (I knew I didn’t need anything big), it wasn’t the right concept. These offices were usually part of a professional building with a cold and stuffy feel, you know… the one dark office space covered in old carpeting and quiet hallways with no room to personalize. Sounds inviting, right?

  2. If the concept was right, the space was way too big.

After months of searching, I was super excited to find THE ONE. I already had the husband and now I had the office - woohoo! Centrally located, right off St.Albert Trail, it’s still easily accessible for our Edmonton couples. To say it was in rough shape is an understatement but seeing the potential, I knew it would be worth the work. We partnered with MiMo Construction to turn this fixer-upper into a wedding planning retreat and it’s now our second home.

We took the existing 20 foot high ceilings and abundance of natural light and added gorgeous light flooring, a built-in coffee area and personalized through decor (hello old and trusted friend, Homesense). What we ended up up with was a place that is airy, cozy, inspiring and so reflective of who we are. It is a place we love so much.

Not only was important for me to have a space for us to work but also for our clients to enjoy coming to. We wanted to have a beautiful wedding planning retreat that would allow our clients to focus and talk without distraction and external noise.

With dozens of weddings already planned at SBWE Headquarters, we can’t wait to continue welcoming more amazing couples to our space for a glass of bubbly or a cup of coffee while making their dream wedding a reality.

Get in touch, and come for a visit yourself!

Until Next Time, XO